Stacy M. Husebo, MSW, LICSW

cultivating good heart for the world

Integrative Psychotherapy

Spiritual Direction

Transformational Life Coaching

I believe in the power to accept and change ourselves and our world and as we do, that we positively impact all who we come in contact with. I see and know from my own direct lived experience of life— from the power of vulnerability, risk, discomfort and change as faithful companions that are a direct link to joy, hope, connection and transformation. I am a transformation junkie! I maybe always have been. The curious, inexplicable things of life have always compelled me. I lean toward that which is at the heart of meaning, purpose, connection and unending questions. I love to learn about life, people, culture, complexity and the mystery of all that is bigger than I can hold in any given moment and ponder with others what a good, well lived life is.

"Your work is to discover your life and with all your heart to give yourself to it.” - Buddha


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Stacy Husebo LICSW.


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